Frequently Asked Questions

1How does Sam work?
Sam is powered by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence and engages you in a conversation about your eating habits and how to control your weight. To respond to Sam, you can type in a response, dictate a response via your microphone, or use one of the response options in the menu located at the bottom of the screen.
2How do I get the most out of Sam?
You can talk to Sam whenever you have a craving to eat, overeat or go on a binge. Sam helps you identify the triggers behind your emotional eating, and encourages you to pause and think before indulging in a behavior that you’ll know you’ll regret tomorrow. Sam will also coach you on the five weight control behaviors that anyone who successfully controls their weight has mastered.
3What does the loudspeaker button do?
By pressing the loudspeaker button at the top of the screen, you will be able to listen to Sam as she talks.
4How do I turn off the loudspeaker?
Press the loudspeaker button again at the top of the screen to turn off the audio function.
5What are the Challenges?
Once Sam has got to know you and your preferences a bit better, you will be encouraged to select a Challenge from your “Things I’m ready to work on” list in the main menu, which is derived from a list of behaviors that you have identified in your conversations. Sam will offer you some tips on your Challenge, and check in with you from time to time to see how you’re doing. Once you feel you have mastered your Challenge, you can move this to your “Things I am doing well” list and select a different Challenge from your “Things I’m ready to work on” list.
6How often will Sam check in with me on my Challenge?
Sam usually gives you three days to practice your Challenge before checking in to see how you’re doing. Sam will keep track for you, just like a good therapist. Sometimes better, because Sam never forgets. And because Sam never forgets, you won’t forget about what you are trying to accomplish. That may be all that you need.
7Will Sam check in with me about my craving?
Yes, Sam will follow up with you the next day you experienced a strong craving to see how you are doing, and what really bothered you so much you believed that eating or bingeing was the only way to get relief. The results from your check in will be added to your Cravings report.
8My screen has frozen. What do I do?
Sounds like Sam is lost for words! Try restarting the application.
9Sam keeps saying “I don’t understand.” What shall I do?
Sam can sometimes have difficulty understanding human speech. Try selecting a response from the menu at the bottom. If the menu is unavailable, then try restarting the application. Sam will continually be improving as you and others continue to interact with Sam.
10How do I access useful resources?
You can read useful articles and advice in the Resources section in the main menu.
11How do I contact the System Administrator?
You can contact us at any time via the Contact Us button in the main menu.

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